Our Story

To Southern Nevada locals, hockey is more than a sport! Hockey is something that has unified our community. On Oct. 1st, 2017, the city of Las Vegas was devastated when 58 people were shot and killed at the Route 91 Music Festival. The shooting rattled families, first responders, and the entire nation. Days after the shooting, Vegas Golden Knights (VGK) hockey team began their inaugural season, promising the community that they would help our city heal. Unlike most expansion teams, the VGK achieved great success in their first year as a professional team. Not only did they reach the Stanley Cup Finals, they set the record for the most postseason wins by a team in their first playoff appearance making NHL history! For locals, cheering on the VGK and witnessing them achieve something that was nearly impossible, restored hope, brought happiness, and pulled our community together.

Pucks Cookies is a fun, delicious, premium cookie wholesaler inspired by the hockey community in Southern Nevada. We are proud to be a part of this community and share our local inspired cookies with you. Enjoy!

—Jenny Lynne & Mark Edington, Founders